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Applying to End of Days
If you are interested in joining End of Days, the first thing you should do is read the information listed in the "About EoD" tab. After reading, you will need to register for the website so you can post your application in the "Membership Application" forum. Please note that you cannot apply on the "Application Template" thread. You will need to add a topic to that thread. Please include in the name of the topic your characters name and class. After your application is posted, we will review and approve/disapprove the application within 24 hours in most cases. Please look for the response as a reply to your application in the forums. If you are approved we will give you further info. Finally, please note that registering for the website is NOT the same as applying for guild membership.
Welcome to the OFFICIAL website of End of Days, Guest! End of days is an end game progression guild that was formed in late July 2009 that was made for adults, by adults. EoD's philosophy is simple: put our members first. As members of EoD, we strive to keep in mind that no single individual is more important than our guild-family. We consider each other as part of a team and work together to complete content in the World of Warcraft at our own pace. Although we strive to be competitive with the top guilds on our server, we do not claim or ever will claim to be "the best". Our primary goal is to help each other improve and progress in the game while having fun doing so. Gear is not a primary goal of our guild, it just happens to be an added benefit of working well together as a team.
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10man ICC Hard Modes

Riehl-1, Nov 29, 10 11:52 AM.
On Sunday November 28th, EoD finally decided to try out some hard modes in 10man ICC. As many of you know, we defeated Lich King months ago, but we never had much interested in attempting Harde Modes due to our 25man focus. That being said, we went in last night and completed 6/12 heroic mode bosses on our first attempt ever! On top of that, we one-shot four of those six. We ended up clearing up to Lich King and called it after Sindragosa, leaving us at 11/12 for the week. We will be extending the raid this week and we'll be working on 25man Lich King on Tuesday and Wednesday.

New Guild Ranks will be in Place on December 7th!

Riehl-1, Nov 26, 10 5:31 PM.
As we discussed in our November meeting, the new guild rank system will be effective Dec. 6th. If you want to be at a rank above probate, you will be required to register for this website and post in the member info forum. Please do not wait to do it on December 7th or afterwards, because Riehl will be too busy playing cataclysm to actively moderate the forums.

End of Days is Looking for Class Leaders!

Riehl-1, Nov 26, 10 5:28 PM.
Due to popular demand by our members, EoD is now looking to appoint class leaders for every class. If this is something you think you would be interested in doing, please apply in our members only forum. In order to view this forum, you will need to register for the website if you have not already.

End of Days Needs a Few Good Recruiters!

Riehl-1, Nov 26, 10 5:25 PM.
We are going to start actively recruiting as of Dec. 7th and we need some good recruiters! If you are interested in being a guild recruiter, please apply in the members only forum. To be able to view this forum, you will have to register for this website if you have not already.

Guild Meeting

Riehl-1, Nov 23, 10 9:26 AM.
End of Days had a guild meeting on Monday, November 22 that covered a ton of information about the upcoming xpac and how it will affect guild policy. Make sure you check out the meeting notes posted on the website!
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